SZA Backs Lizzo Amid Harassment Lawsuits


SZA says Lizzo is a “beautiful person” amidst several harassment lawsuits. Read more!

SZA has spoken out in support of Lizzo after the “Truth Hurts” singer was sued. SZA was asked to comment on the recent sexual and racial harassment lawsuits that the “Truth Hurts” singer and rapper has faced.

“I’m just saying, based on the values and the energy that I see in my friend, I just really think that she’s a beautiful person,” SZA said of Lizzo, her friend and collaborator. “I just really pray that everybody recovers from this because everybody deserves to heal and feel safe and feel loved.”

She continued, “I just really hope that everybody ends up feeling like that when this is all said and done. Because that’s the bottom line.”

The musician declined to speak directly on the accusations listed in the lawsuits.

Former backup dancers for Lizzo – named Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez – filed a complaint in August this year claiming that the star created a hostile work environment, body-shamed them and pressured them into touching nude performers while visiting a club in Amsterdam.

Designer Asha Daniels later filed another suit claiming that Lizzo’s employees were forced to work in a “racist and sexualized” environment. Lizzo has denied the allegations, labeling them “outrageous.”