T.I. On Criticism Of His Son King Harris: We All Got Badass Kids!


The Atlanta-bred rapper has a message for other parents.

Most of the world was first introduced to King Harris as the elementary school-aged child of T.I. and Tiny on The Family Hustle reality show. In recent years, King made news headlines for getting arrested.

In addition, King received online backlash from social media users who believe the 18-year-old musician glorifies a street life that he never actually lived. T.I. publicly addressed his son’s questionable actions last September.

“I know my son,” said T.I. in a video posted to Instagram. “Think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama, and his grandmama? His ass is going to prison if he keeps that s### up, his ass is going to prison.”

Club Shay Shay podcast host Shannon Sharpe recently asked T.I. about the public judging his life and parenting skills. The 42-year-old Grammy Award winner reflected on the negative reactions to King Harris’s legal troubles.

T.I. Has A Message For Parents With At Least Three Children

“I have excellent communication with all my kids. I try to listen as much as I speak to them. [King’s] position is, ‘I just don’t want to be celebrities’ kid. I don’t want to live off of y’all’s success. I don’t wanna have to just be in y’all’s shadow,'” T.I. explained to Sharpe.

The Atlanta-bred entertainer added, “[King] wants a clean slate. I try to tell him he’ll never have that… You were born with it. You can’t give it back… I love him and I understand he has a strong sense of moral standards and integrity.”

At one point, T.I. turned his attention to other parents of multiple children. The father of six also said, “As much criticism I received about my son, I would like to shed light on the fact – we all got badass kids! They can seem like I’m the only one on here who got badass kids.”