The Game Announces “Drillmatic” Will Prove “I’m The Best Rapper Alive” 


The Game praised “great projects” from Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar, Griselda and more, but said “Drillmatic” will be the “best album of 2022.”

While The Game has been beefing with Eminem recently, calling him out for a rap battle and claiming the Detroit emcee can’t rap with him, he does have love for other rappers and isn’t afraid to give them their flowers. 

Furthermore, after declaring last month that “the Black Slim Shady is coming,” the Compton native revealed the imminent arrival of his new project, “Drillmatic.” Despite having love for other artists, he promised to deliver the best album this year.  

“I know my album gone be the best album of 2022 cause the energy feels like I just signed my deal,” The Game penned on Instagram. “You’ve never heard me rap like this, I promise you.” 

The Game Shows Love To His Peers

The Game continued, praising some of his peers for producing great work in 2022. “So far on the level of great projects this year in my genre, I loved @kingpush’s project & @kendricklamar’s art is always more than appreciated and is still in the process of being broken down this very minute. Both @denzelcurryph & @vincestaples had albums I never knew I needed…. @getbenny & @whoisconway’s solo projects made me feel like REAL RAP will always be supreme.” 

However, The Game believes his next album will be the best project to emerge in 2022. “#Drillmatic though…. I can honestly say nothing rap related will be able to stand next to this in 2022. When it drops, I promise you that if you put your ear to it you will then understand why I’m the best rapper alive.” 

He also acknowledged the “controversy” surrounding him and says he won’t let it hold him back any longer. “My controversy has always stepped on my greatness, but that’s all about to change. This album has a strong hold on being the best album of my career. It’s just different… the last time I pulled over & wrote in my car was “I don’t need your love” on The Documentary. Only thing is, back then it was a U-Haul. Today I pulled over the G-Wagon on Labrea because I couldn’t believe how dope the s### in my head was….” 

The Game revealed the album is his priority, and he will not stop until it’s ready, which he claims will be here before this time next month. “I’m parked & I’m not moving until this last song is written & completed,” he added. “Follow your dreams…. If I could, you can. #Drillmatic is yours in less than 30 days #Numinati 🥷🏿”