The Game Dropping Eminem Diss Song According To Wack 100: “The Black Slim Shady Is Coming”

The Game continues to go after Eminem and has a new diss track locked and loaded that is “gonna f*** the world up,” says Wack 100.

The Game “is coming for Eminem” on his next single, according to his manager Wack 100, who says the Compton rapper has a diss song ready to drop on the Detroit rap legend. 

“This n-gga finna start another fire,” Wack 100 said of The Game during a recent Clubhouse conversation. “We starting a fire. The Black Slim Shady is coming. [Eminem] better be ready because this n-gga done went crazy … If [Eminem] responded to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, boy… it is what it is.” 

He continued and pointed out how disrespectful Em gets on a track, questioning how far he would go with The Game.  

“That n-gga Em is a disrespectful n-gga, man,” he added. “He disrespected his own momma, n-gga! S###, he disrespected himself. That n-gga talked about killing his baby momma, putting her in the trunk, f##### my own momma … If he ain’t mind doing that to himself, ain’t no limits to where he gonna go with another muthafucka.” 

Wack 100 says a showdown between the disrespectful pair would be ground-breaking. He also revealed that Game has a response ready for when Em fires back.  

“You got two crafty n-ggas, two disrespectful, two rappin’-ass n-ggas, two creative n-ggas … [Eminem] better get to whippin’ it up because one thing about Game, he already got a response because the first one gonna f### the world up.” Watch the clip below.

Wack 100 On The Game Versus Eminem

The Game began his campaign against Slim Shady during an appearance on Drink Champs last month

“Eminem, Eminem is Eminem,” he told N.O.R.E and DJ Effen. “I like Eminem, he’s one of the f###### good emcees, great emcees. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not. He not. He’s not. Ay, challenge it. It’s not drama!… Swizz [Beatz] and Timbaland know that it’s bigger than Verzuz. I’m not saying I want smoke with Eminem, I’m saying I want smoke with Eminem, him, and him, whoever.”  

Days after the show aired, he doubled down on his remarks. “Is Eminem better than me? Nah he’s not, bro,” he declared. “Let’s rap,” The Game added, calling him out. An online backlash ensued, with many challenging his claims.  

However, The Game said the only thing Em has over him is record sales, but only because of his industry ties. 

“For those of you who don’t know how major record companies do business: it’s a machine designed to work for the artists who PLAY NICE in m####’s house,” he wrote in one tweet. “I was TOO REAL, TOO UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK & cut the puppet strings early on in my career n decided to rebel.”  

While Wack 100 kept tight-lipped on when the track will drop, The Game is busy working on his upcoming album, Drillmatic