The Game’s Absence From Kendrick Lamar Concert Causes Online Stir 

The Game Kendrick Lamar

The Game was notably absent from Kendrick Lamar’s Ken & Friends concert despite K. Dot inviting a host of West Coast representatives.  

The Game is trending after fans reacted to his absence from Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth concert. On Wednesday evening (June 19) K. Dot put on a dazzling show at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum. The anticipation was high for “The Pop Out: Ken & Friends” concert, but Lamar exceeded expectations with a show that left fans claiming K. Dot “unified” the West Coast. 

Lamar put on for his region after Drake taunted him with AI verses from West Coast legends Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. The OVO boss even claimed to “get more love in the city that you from” in his “Push Ups” freestyle. However, Lamar shut down that talk at his concert. 

“Oh, so y’all ain’t gone let nobody disrespect the West Coast, huh?” K. Dot said to the crowd before launching into another “Not Like Us” performance. “Y’all aint gone let anybody mock or imitate our legends, huh?” 

The Game Fans React

However, with all the West Coast representatives on hand, The Game’s fans were left wondering why he wasn’t involved in Kendrick Lamar’s celebrations.  

“How does The Game seemingly always end up on the outside looking in of big West Coast moments?” one person questioned.  

“The Game being left out of these major west coast moments should be a lesson for a lot of folks about the energy they put in the world,” another user remarked. 

Although The Game hasn’t said anything about The Pop Out — Ken & Friends apparent snub, he was vocal about being left out of the West Coast celebration that was the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show.  

“The real reason I wasn’t on the Super Bowl is because I’m not a ‘safe’ artist,” he said. “You don’t know what Game gon’ do when he get up there.”   

Nonetheless, his absence from the Ken & Friends concert caused a stir. Check out some other reactions below.