Tony “The Closer” Robinson Reacts To DJ Envy’s Defamation Lawsuit

DJ Envy

The ex-NFL player accuses the radio host of sending “goons” to his house.

Raashaun “DJ Envy” Casey is pushing back against the online narrative that he took part in a fraud scheme. The Breakfast Club host has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against Anthony “Tony The Closer” Robinson.

According to reports, DJ Envy sued Tony Robinson, claiming the former NFL player spread false information about him on the internet. Robinson allegedly referred to Envy as a “scammer” over reports of another lawsuit.

A group of investors seeks compensation from DJ Envy and his business associate, real estate advisor Cesar Pinas. The plaintiffs accuse Envy, Pina, and his wife, Jennifer Pinas, of defrauding them out of millions of dollars. Tony Robinson spoke to Envy about that legal situation and supposedly shared the recorded conversation on social media.

DJ Envy Reportedly Claims Tony Robinson Tried To Present Him As A Criminal

“I honestly don’t know, that’s between them and whatever happened,” DJ Envy told Robinson. “But did I say, ‘There, take this money and give it to this person or do this with this money?’ I never did.”

He continued, “If you ever came to my seminar, I tell everybody, ‘Everybody on this stage, whether it’s credit, prepare, or it’s a conventional lender, do your homework because I don’t trust anybody.’ If you’ve been to my seminars, I say that a million times.”

DJ Envy’s suit reportedly accuses Robinson of illegally posting the telephone call to present him as a criminal. The veteran radio personality’s legal team wants unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

“The Closer” Refers To Envy’s Lawsuit As A Bullying Tactic

Tony Robinson responded to the lawsuit on Twitter. On August 10, he posted, “First they tried to send goons to my crib to silence me from telling the victims story now they trying to bully me in court!! Naw you won’t push me around as you let your partner steal millions from the community.”

The following day, Robinson added, “DJ Envy brought a convicted scammer and drug dealer on Breakfast Club gave him credibility now that flipping [New Jersey] has now scammed millions of dollars over 25 million and counting… from investors DJ Envy wants to act like he ain’t got nothing to do with it. 😑.”

In addition, DJ Envy recently accused Florida rapper Gunplay of foul play by posting their private dialogue. The Hampton University graduate stated on the air, “It is against the law to record somebody’s phone conversation and not tell them. That’s against the law.”