Tory Lanez: I Don’t Care About Repairing An Image That People Tried To Smear

The ‘Daystar’ album creator says he’s proud of the part he plays.

Daystar “Tory Lanez” Peterson is still facing assault and firearms charges for his alleged involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. According to Lanez, he is not concerned about his public image at the moment.

Many music fans have chosen to stop supporting Tory Lanez as a result of the July 12, 2020 incident in Hollywood Hills, California. The Canadian singer/rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday night to let the world know he is not looking for redemption.

“When I do something nice it’s genuinely out of the love of my heart and the pain I feel for people in need… I don’t care about repairing an image that people tried to smear and couldn’t,” tweeted Lanez. “All I can do is play my part. And I’m proud of the part I play.”

Megan Thee Stallion publicly named Tory Lanez as the person who caused the bullet wounds in her feet. However, the 28-year-old Daystar album creator repeatedly suggested he was not the person that shot the Houston-raised rapstress.

In addition, Lanez used his Daystar project to address the shooting allegations which led to critics accusing the “Sorry But I Had To…” performer of gaslighting his fans. He also dissed detractors, like DreamDoll and J.R. Smith, on the LP.

Lanez’s Daystar album opened with just 36,000 first-week units which landed him at #10 on the Billboard 200 album chart, the lowest debut on those rankings for his career. Following that premiere last September, Lanez later released Loner in December 2020 and Playboy in March 2021.

A lawyer representing Megan Thee Stallion told Page Six that there was evidence that directly implicated Lanez as the shooter that night. Attorney Alex Spiro said, “Did the motion fail to mention that there was gunshot residue on his hands or that he texted her ‘Sorry?’ I haven’t had a chance to read it.”

Megan and her team maintained representatives for Tory Lanez were spreading false stories about her and the July 12 shooting. In January, she tweeted, “Y’all still don’t see an ABUSER picking with me? The first court date got pushed back [because] of the inauguration but I can’t wait until the MF FACTS come out! B#### you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND B#### YOU GOING TO JAIL.”

Tory Lanez was charged with assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He pleaded not guilty to all counts. The One Umbrella label founder was ordered not to contact Megan. If convicted, Lanez reportedly faces a maximum state prison sentence of 22 years and eight months.

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