Tory Lanez Releases Statement After Filing A Motion For New Assault Trial

Tory Lanez

Attorney David Kenner leaves the “Say It” performer’s defense team.

Last December, a California jury convicted Daystar “Tory Lanez” Peterson of assault with a semiautomatic handgun, having a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and gross negligence in discharging his firearm.

The court case stemmed from a July 2020 shooting that injured Hip Hop star Megan Thee Stallion. Tory Lanez consistently maintained his innocence, but the guilty verdict has the singer/rapper facing up to 22 years in prison.

Lanez’s legal team recently filed a motion for a new trial. The defense attorneys argue that the court deprived their client of a fair trial due to disputed evidence and questionable tactics by the prosecution, including using a social media comment shared by Lanez’s personal Instagram account.

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The motion claims Lanez’s content creator, Joshua Farias, was the person who wrote “that’s not true” in The Shade Room‘s comment section under a post about Megan’s then-friend, Kelsey Harris, possibly being the shooter.

“The court erred on numerous questions of law in allowing the People to introduce this post, depriving defendant of a fair trial,” read a portion of Tory Lanez’s new filings. “The only acceptable remedy for this miscarriage of justice is a new trial.”

In addition, the Sorry 4 What album creator released a statement via his legal representation. The Baez Law Firm’s verified Instagram page posted a message from Tory Lanez to the firm’s Instagram Story on Wednesday.

“I am happy to announce to all of those interested in justice, that today my attorneys Jose Baez and Matthew Barhoma filed my motion for a new trial,” read @baezlawfirm’s Instagram Story note credited to Tory Lanez.

The 30-year-old Canadian continued, “Additionally, due to a scheduling conflict, David Kenner will no longer be a part of my defense team. I would like to thank Mr. Kenner for his hard work and wise counsel. Jose Baez will continue to represent me as first chair and Matthew Barhoma as second chair.”