Tyga Owes $1.3 Million In Lamborghini & Bentley Lawsuit, Car Company Claims 


Tyga is being pursued for $1.3 Million by a company alleging the rapper skipped out on the court-ordered payments for the luxury cars.

Tyga could have to cough up more than $1 million after being accused of skipping out on the payments for two of his luxury cars. 

Choice Motors Credit claims the “Taste” rapper owes them over six figures, stemming from a 2016 lawsuit. The company is demanding Tyga hand over the money they were awarded in outstanding payments for a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and a 2014 Bentley Mulsanne, according to legal documents obtained by RadarOnline.  

In addition to the initial costs awarded, Tyga is being pursued for the full interest incurred on the high-end motors. Instead of the original $481k he was ordered to pay, Choice Motors Credit wants the rapper to cover the massive interest accrued since 2016. They now want him to pay a total of $1.3 million from Tyga. 

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Tyga’s Recent Lawsuit History  

The $1.3 million lawsuit marks the latest in a series of legal disputes Tyga has been embroiled in over the past few years.  

Midway Rent a Car, Inc. Filed a lawsuit in 2019 claiming Tyga owed $441k on a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. They demanded $43k for the Ferrari and another $84k for the Rolls. Tyga agreed to a payment plan, and both vehicles were repossessed. 

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Tyga was sued for $200,000 for trashing his property and unpaid rent. His landlord claimed he caused extensive damage to the property and had not paid rent in over a year. The Cali native was also the subject of a 2018 lawsuit for failure to pay the rent of another Beverly Hill spot.  

Showroom Interiors sued Tyga for $27,000 for breach of contract over unpaid furniture fees from items he rented in 2019. He was then sued on the same grounds last year after an NFT company claimed he bailed on their deal after collecting a $100,000 signing bonus.