U.K. Drill Rapper M1llionz Takes Fans Behind The Scenes For O’Block Video Shoot With Munna Duke

M1llionz filmed a vlog documenting his link up with Chicago rapper Munna Duke on the transatlantic drill collaboration “10 To Da O.”

M1llionz has dropped a new vlog documenting his stay in Chicago, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of his video shoot with Munna Duke for their recent collaboration, “10 To Da O.” 

The Birmingham, U.K. drill rapper dropped the Pyrex Kenny-produced track in April after linking up with the Chicago spitter. The video for the transatlantic collab features M1illionz and Munna Duke taking to the streets of Parkway Gardens, Chicago’s O’Block.  

The new vlog also sees M1llionz in the studio with Munna Duke recording music before filming the video. O’Block rapper Gleesh also features in the vlog, taping an interview and vibing with the pair as they record in the studio. Check it out below.  

M1llionz Says Drill Music Is “Beautiful”

During an interview last year, M1llionz discussed the controversy surrounding drill music and the censorship of U.K. artists on the grounds that they encourage violence. 

“People that don’t understand that way of life are always gonna say that,” he told The Guardian. “So they’re never gonna say: ‘Oh, it’s beautiful that he’s saying this.’ But really and truly, it is beautiful, because if you’re putting into words what you’ve seen and the impact that it’s had, and it’s taken you from wherever you was a couple years ago and now you’re on TV, doing charity work, all these things … I think they should focus on the positive and not the negative.” 

He also said he wants to do more charity work, like his recent trip to Ghana, where he and his team donated to an organization working with orphaned children. “I wanna do that everywhere,” M1llionz said. “Music brings jobs as well, and opportunities. So from me rapping, when I get to a certain stage, my friends can start rapping – well, they already have. Then my other friend can be a manager, my cousin can be a tour manager, my auntie could be a caterer, my girl could be a stylist.”