U.K. Rapper Beef: Dutchavelli Claims Tion Wayne Jumped Him In Dubai

Dutchavelli, brother of fellow rapper Stefflon Don, claimed that Tion Wayne and five other men jumped him in Dubai.

Tion Wayne allegedly got into a physical altercation with fellow U.K. rapper Dutchavelli while in Dubai, where he was scheduled to perform. 

Videos of the aftermath of the fight flooded social media, with many fans suggesting Tion beat up Dutch. One video shows Dutchavelli immediately after the incident, bleeding from the mouth. Check out the footage below. 

While it is unclear what led to the fight, Tion Wayne and Dutchavelli are previous collaborators. “I Dunno,” their 2020 song with Stormzy, currently sits at over 54 million YouTube views.  

While the North London rapper is not immediately identifiable from the video, Dutchavelli confirmed the altercation.  

Dutchavelli Claims Tion Wayne Jumped Him  

He took to Instagram to share his version of events, claiming Tion Wayne and five others jumped him. 

“These n##### are p###### bro. I was there for like ten minutes trying to scrap you n#####. You lot was not on nothing just backing up.” Dutchavelli then challenged Tion Wayne to post the whole video claiming it backs up his story.  

“There was six of you against one. I was the only man that was scrapping with you,” the Dutch-born brother of Stefflon Don added. “You man are not on nothing,” he said. He then claimed Tion’s friend, fellow rapper Turner was too scared to get involved and only filmed the altercation. 

However, Tuner denies Dutchavellion’s claims that Tion Wayne and others jumped him.  

“When I came outside, Tion Wayne was by himself and your mouth was already bust,” he claimed. “Man are arguing the pedophiles,” he said in reference to the allegations against Dutchavelli that he had inappropriate online conversations with an underage girl. The reports surfaced last year, but Dutch strenuously denies the allegations, claiming the police were involved yet did not arrest him. 

It’s not the first time Tion Wayne has found himself in an altercation while traveling to Dubai. In 2020 he got into it with another U.K. rapper, Headie One, while on a flight back from the city.