UK Rapper Dutchavelli Claims He’s Being Set Up After Woman Claimed He Assaulted Her & Pressured Her To Abort Twins  

The allegations against Dutchavelli surfaced earlier this week, but the rapper shared alleged receipts claiming it’s a plot to take him down.

Dutchavelli claims he is being set up after a woman came out earlier this week claiming that the rapper pressured her to get an abortion when she was seven weeks pregnant with his twins. 

The woman, who says she is 18 years old, alleged Dutch put hands on her while she was pregnant and threatened her before she lost the pregnancy at 4 months. She detailed her claims from the Cataleya Hennessy TikTok account, which was subsequently deleted.  

Dutchavelli made his breakthrough in the U.K Hip-Hop scene in 2020 and looked to be the next big thing. He dropped “Only If You Knew,” before collaborating with Stormzy and Tion Wayne on “I Dunno,” propelling him to a wider audience. The videos are currently sitting at over 100 million YouTube views combined. 

Last year, allegations surfaced that he had an inappropriate relationship with the 14-year-old niece of his former manager. Dutchavelli strenuously denies the allegations and says the police are involved, yet no arrests have been made. He also says any evidence against him was doctored but has been virtually “cancelled” with fans turning their back on him.  

Dutchavelli Claims He’s Being Set Up

On Tuesday (Aug. 20), Dutavelli claimed a former associate, Carlon “Tiny” Robinson, attempted to set him up to end his career. He says Tiny instructed the woman to concoct a fake story about him using a s####### for kinky sex.   

He shared a series of voice notes allegedly between Cataleya Hennessy and Tiny. “If you was to say he used to f### you with a strap-on he’d be done out here,” the man on the voice notes said while laughing. “Finished … can’t go nowhere on the road, ever,” he added.  

“You’ve got to trust us, this is what we do,” the voice note continued before implying that he had already revealed too much.  

The man Dutch claims is Tiny then instructed, “You need to focus on just giving your interview and playing the victim. That’s all you need to worry about. You can’t be worried about views. All the platforms will post afterwards, you’re gonna get millions of views.”  

The man then said the plot must remain a secret. “We need to get a s#######. But this got to stay between me and you. No one can ever know that we planned this bit,” he added before promising a “big deal” is incoming.  

Dutchavelli claims he never wanted to reply to Tiny who he says did multiple interviews about him and even wrote a book.  

He pointed out that the girl deleted all of her messages after sending them. The text representing her part of the conversation reads “you have deleted this message” in Dutch. The rapper added that this “is what old n##### do,” accusing Tiny of conspiring against him. Check out his comments below.

Tiny Claims Stefflon Don’s “Clout” Saved Dutch

In a recent interview, Tiny says he believes the allegations that came out in 2020. He claims Dutchavelli has remained relevant through “The support of his sister,” rap star Stefflon Don, “and the clout that they’ve got within the industry.”  

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