Usher Halts Paris Show After Spotting British Model Leomie Anderson: “I Think I Found My Baby” 

Usher Leomie Anderson

Usher halted the show and asked the DJ to play his serenading anthem, “There Goes My Baby,” after spotting Leomie Anderson at his Paris show.  

While Usher did not want any smoke with Dwayne Wade when he serenaded Gabrielle Union at his Paris show earlier this week, the “Good Good” hitmaker had no such problem on Thursday night. 

Over the weekend, the retired NBA star and his wife visited the R&B superstar at his residency in the French capital. However, he knew better than to serenade Gabrielle Union, especially after the scandal that ensued when he sang to Keke Palmer earlier this year.  

“Let’s not get carried away. This is Dwyane Wade, I ain’t crazy,” Usher joked while shaking Wade’s hand. “That man will knock my whole head off and then dunk it.” 

Check out the amusing clip below. 

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However, things went a little differently on Thursday night (September 28) when British model Leomie Anderson caught his eye.  

“I had one shot,” Anderson penned on X (formerly Twitter), sharing a clip from the show. “Usher in Paris was >>>” 

In the video, Usher halts the music after spotting the British beauty and asks the DJ to play his serenading anthem, “There Goes My Baby.” Unabashed, Leomie Anderson beckons Usher to come and sing to her as she dances seductively to the track.  

“I think I found my baby over here,” he says while making his request to the DJ. “I just wanna make sure I got the right one.”  

She also shared another clip of the steamy exchange from another angle, captioned, “There goes my baby.” 

Watch Leomie Anderson make her move on Usher in the videos below. 

Meanwhile, earlier this week, following the announcement of his recently confirmed 2024 Super Bowl gig, Usher addressed his penchant for serenading the ladies during an appearance on The Breakfast Club.  

The hosts referred to him as “Mr. Steal Your Girl,” but Usher rejected the title.  

“That’s Trey Songz,” he declared. “I’m the guy who tells you, ‘don’t leave your girl around me.’ So you should come with your girl.”