Usher Reacts After Twitter Defends Keke Palmer From Boyfriend Shaming Her For Exposing “Booty Cheeks” 


Twitter was all over Darius Jackson after he called out his girlfriend Keke Palmer for baring her “booty cheeks” while Usher serenaded her.

Usher was just going through the motions at one of his recent shows, wowing the crowds and serenading the special guests in attendance, when a Twitter storm blew up in his face. 

The “Lovers and Friends” hitmaker was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter alongside Keke Palmer Wednesday (July 6) after footage from a recent performance hit the net. In the clip, Usher serenaded the actress as he often does during his concerts.  

“Look at you right now,’ Usher crooned as Palmer spun round to show the crowd she looks as good from the back as she does from the front.  

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend Responds

Although the audience cheered loudly in support, Palmer’s boyfriend and the father of her child, Darius Jackson, was pressed.  

“It’s the outfit tho,” he wrote on Twitter in response to one of the clips of Usher and Keke Palmer. “you a mom.” 

The backlash was swift, with fans of the “Nope” star calling Jackson out for his comments. He later attempted to clarify his remarks, but Twitter was not here for it, and continued defending Palmer.  

Jackson claimed he was branded a “hater” for not wanting “the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others.” He added, “I have standards & morals to what I believe.” 

However, the Twitterverse continued, even dragging up old tweets and accusing Jackson of hypocrisy.  

“When Darius posted this it was all giggles,” one user wrote alongside a video Jackson shared of Palmer showing off her post-baby figure. “And now that Usher was singing to Keke she suddenly needs to be a mom…be fr” 

“First Halle Bailey and DDG and now Keke Palmer and Darius,” tweeted another. “I am so sick of these loser men always embarrassing my sisters like this. They will crumble.” 

Meanwhile, Usher found the whole situation rather amusing. He took to Instagram’s new app, Threads, to react to the drama.  

“Am I trending yet?” he asked jokingly. 


Check out some of the reactions to the Usher and Keke Palmer drama below.