Will Smith Drama Continues As “Bad Boys 4” With Martin Lawrence Postponed Indefinitely

Will Smith

“Bad Boys 4,” of the most highly anticipated films featuring Will Smith has been postponed indefinitely if he deals with the fallout for smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars!

Will Smith fans can forget about seeing him reunited with fellow comedian Martin Lawrence anytime soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, pre-production on their highly anticipated flick “Bad Boys 4” has been halted indefinitely.

Will Smith had received 40 pages of the script for “Bad Boys 4” prior to the Oscars, and production on the movie was moving forward, but will now be paused after the actor smacked Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars last Sunday (March 27th). 

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The movie is one of several projects that Will has lined up with Netflix and Sony, and both companies have shelved their projects with the veteran actor.

Will’s other movie “Fast and Loose,” has also been paused, and Apple has yet to announce the release date for his highly anticipated movie “Emancipation,” which is in post-production.

However, the pause on producing “Bad Boys 4” is a big deal. The first flick, “Bad Boys,” took in over $141 million worldwide at the box office when it was released in 1995.

The sequel, “Bad Boys II,” nearly doubled that amount, earning a whopping $242 million when released in July of 2003.

That movie’s follow-up,” Bad Boys For Life,” was a raging success, taking in almost $430 million in global ticket sales.

The news about the pause on “Bad Boys 4” comes as the fallout over his assault on Chris Rock at the Oscars last Sunday ( March 27th).

That is when the comedian lost his temper and stormed the stage after Chris Rock told an off-color wisecrack about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Will shocked millions of people after letting off the “slap hurt around the world” on Chris Rock’s face.

Will Smith gave a quirky, tearful, remorseful speech as he accepted the Oscar for Best Actor thanks to his stellar performance in “King Richard.” He apologized to everyone – except Chris Rock. Will Smith ultimately took his Instagram to apologize to Chris as the discussion over his actions grew.

According to reports, Will also met with Academy board members, and he wrote another apology letter and announced he would be resigning from the organization.

Sources claim the two men have yet to speak to each other after the wild incident, and Chris Rock acknowledged he was still “processing” the slap during his return to stand-up comedy on the first date of his “Ego Death” tour.