Wiz Khalifa Calls On Entertainers To Stop Disrespecting Each Other In 2022

Wiz Khalifa

The East Coaster is suggesting his peers mind their own business next year.

The year 2022 is eleven days away. This is around the time people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa has a particular request for his fellow stars.

“As entertainers, [let’s] try some s### next year. Minding our own business. Not [disrespecting] each other’s family, dead homies, or area they come from,” tweeted Khalifa on Sunday.

The “Black and Yellow” hitmaker continued, “Stop using someone else’s significant other as a one-up to the other person. Actually showing the same love you expect to get.”

Wiz Khalifa went on to offer more thoughts about his 2021 recommendations for the entertainment industry. He added, “Not [saying] any of these are a direct cause of violence but [changing] em could help.” 

Several Hip Hop artists passed away in 2021 due to violent means. Young Dolph, Slim 400, and Drakeo the Ruler were among the rappers who were killed over the last twelve months.

For Wiz Khalifa, his 2021 included a third-place finish on season five of The Masked Singer as the Chameleon. He also partnered with Sledgren and Cardo for the Wiz Got Wings project.