Wiz Khalifa Is In The Studio—But All Fans Care About Are His “Ashy” Feet

Wiz Khalifa

The internet is a messed up place.

The internet can be a battle ground for bullies and their targets—no matter who you are. On Thursday (March 16), Wiz Khalifa posted a series of photos to Twitter. They were harmless enough; the rapper was pictured enjoying some studio time, getting a massage, smoking some dank and scrolling through his phone. But Twitter being Twitter, Khalifa’s feet quickly became the main attraction.

People couldn’t help but notice Khalifa was in desperate need of a pedicure. As one person wrote, “This why pedicures are important for men as well cause how you this fine and your feet that crusty ain’t no damn wayyyyy!!!!!” Another said: “I COULD’VE GONE THE REST OF MY F###### LIFE WITHOUT SEEING WIZ KHALIFA’S TOES UNPROVOKED. HOW IS HE ONLY 35 WITH TOES LIKE THAT??!?”

Wiz Khalifa, who’s getting ready to hit the road with Snoop Dogg, Warren G and more for the High School Reunion Tour, didn’t respond to the public outcry. But it wouldn’t be surprising if he took action.

A similar situation took place with Juelz Santana. In 2018, Dipset dropped a video for “Sauce Boyz” and fans were quick to point out Santana was missing a few teeth. Santana was brutally roasted online but ultimately underwent some serious dental work to fix the damage.