WWE Wrestler Randy Orton Compares Soulja Boy To His Penis

The two online adversaries are back at it again.

Even though World Wrestling Entertainment’s television programming is labeled as TV-PG, one of the company’s biggest superstars went full TV-MA on social media. The month-long feud between Randy Orton and Soulja Boy continued over the weekend.

Orton’s beef with Soulja began weeks ago after the “Crank That” hitmaker tweeted, “Rap game faker than WWE.” The bad blood eventually led to the wrestler using racial stereotypes to bury Soulja Boy which caused the master of the RKO move to face some backlash from fans.

Soulja Boy then reheated the beef yesterday when he tweeted, “WWE scared of me. And Randy organ p####. They big [cap] use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they [were] too fake to have me there. I’ll slap the s### out dude live.”

That latest shot seemed to be a reaction to the news that YouTuber Logan Paul will be involved in the build-up to WWE’s Wrestlemania 37 event in April. Soulja wrote, “You a b#### @RandyOrton and I mean that [hundred points emoji] p####… Still gon knock Jake Paul out when I see him. Gotta get that get back for Nate.”

Orton, the 14-time wrestling world champion, returned fire at Soulja by comparing the performer to his penis. He tweeted, “My dick taller [than] you. Weighs more too. Go to bed you f###### infant. You’re welcome for the boost. Go choke on a keyboard.’

The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality show star answered by bringing up finances. Soulja responded, “Bro you wear thongs. Leather thongs at that. Stop the cap [cap emoji] my money taller than you. To be real I think you scared of me. All that talk I’ll smack the s### out [of you].”