YNW Melly Back In Court Hoping To Get Bail

YNW Melly

The artist hopes to be home while he awaits his new trial.

YNW Melly is due in court on Friday (September 15), and he’s hoping the judge overseeing his case will allow him to be released on bond. The 24-year-old rapper, who’s been locked up since February 2019, wants to be home as he awaits his double murder case retrial.

NBC 6 reports he’ll be attending an Arthur hearing, where individuals in custody can present their case to a judge and allowing their attorneys to argue for their bail eligibility. If granted bail, they have the option to secure their release by posting it.

As previously reported by AllHipHop.com, the Florida native stands accused of two charges of first-degree murder in relation to the death of his two friends, Anthony Williams (YNW SakChaser) and Christopher Thomas Jr. (YNW Juvy) in October 2017. Should he be convicted, he faces the death penalty. He’s pleaded not guilty and three months ago, the judge declared a mistrial.

Earlier this month, one of the jurors on the case alleged YNW Melly was being framed and that the prosecution attempted to manipulate the jury, which led to the mistrial.

“I believe that he didn’t do it and it wasn’t proved in court,” the juror said. “This was a really bad situation of being framed. Melly was a very good person. He always tried to help out people around him.”

YNW Melly’s first double murder trial ended in a mistrial on July 22 due to a jury deadlock. The retrial is scheduled to commence on October 9, starting with the jury selection process.