Young Thug Trial’s Judge Refuses To Exit Case Despite Clash With Lawyer

Young Thug

Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel filed a motion to disqualify Judge Ural Glanville in the rapper’s slow-moving RICO trial.

Judge Ural Glanville denied a motion seeking his recusal in Young Thug’s RICO trial on Tuesday (June 18). Defense attorney Brian Steel sought the Georgia judge’s disqualification a week after a heated confrontation between the two in court.

Glanville held Steel in contempt for refusing to reveal how he learned about a private meeting involving the judge, prosecutors and witness Kenneth Copeland. Steel accused Glanville of joining the prosecution’s team and displaying clear bias against Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams.

“The court is so biased against undersigned counsel and/or Mr. Williams, the court ignored all laws and pursued contempt penalties to attempt to intimidate undersigned counsel to violate the law and ethics in order to continue to help the prosecution convict Mr. Williams and all others,” Steel wrote in his motion.

Steel added, “The court abused its authority by holding undersigned counsel in contempt for refusing to divulge privileged information and for protecting Mr.Williams’ Constitutional rights to due process, right to a fair tribunal, right to a fair trial, right to be present and effective assistance of counsel. This court’s refusal to acknowledge these rights and protections has created an unfair tribunal based upon bias against Mr. Williams and/or his counsel and favoritism to the prosecutors.”

Young Thug’s lawyer said Glanville attempted to intimidate the defense by sentencing Steel to 20 days in jail for contempt. A Georgia Supreme Court ruling prevented Steel from going to jail, but the defense viewed the judge’s antics as proof of favoritism toward the prosecution.

“This court’s conduct raises a strong finding that it has become personally embroiled in the case,” Steel contended. “It is clear, even to a casual observer, that this court’s involvement in this controversy requires this court be disqualified/recused/removed from all further proceedings … and another Judge, who will duly exercise the powers of the judicial branch, with partiality, clarity and fairness, must be appointed to this case.”

Glanville claimed Steel’s arguments were insufficient to refer the case to another judge. But Glanville will give the defense a transcript of the meeting between the judge, prosecutors and Copeland to review before Copeland faces cross-examination.

Young Thug’s trial began in November 2023. He has remained in custody since his 2022 arrest.