Yung Bleu Addresses Criticism That All His Music Sounds The Same 

Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu challenged claims that all of his music sounds the same: “Y’all just say stuff for attention sometime.” 

As Yung Bleu gears up to release the follow-up to 2022’s TANTRA, the Alabama-bred rapper/singer shared a message for his critics on social media. 

The “What Type Of Games” hitmaker penned a series of tweets on Sunday evening (Feb. 19), hitting back against claims his music all sounds the same. He also addressed the pressures of trying to please your initial fanbase while growing sonically as an artist.  

“People who say “all his music sound the same” them be the main ones who’s only heard 2 songs out your 100 song catalog lol,” Yung Bleu wrote. “Y’all just say stuff for attention sometime.” 

A fan suggested that his new single, “Games Women Play,” released on Valentine’s Day, is reminiscent of something from his 2020 EP Love Scars. Yung Bleu replied, “It’s suppose to give u the same vibe as love scars,” before adding, “it’s nostalgic.” 

Yung Bleu – Games Women Play

In a follow-up tweet, Yung Bleu addressed the pitfalls of being a famous artist. “Only thing I hate bout being famous u gotta be perfect. U gotta try to please millions of people at all time. Regular people dnt have that pressure of being judged for every little flaw,” he said. 

Yung Bleu also explained why some fans become attached to an artist’s early sound.  

“Fans have to understand! The music that introduced u to a artis holds a special place to u. So it’s always gonna go harder “to you” than the new s###,” he wrote. “It’s not about the music. It’s the music, the memory’s, what it got u through etc. that’s understandable.” 

Despite the mainstream success of tracks like the Drake-assisted version of “You’re Mines Still,” and “What Type Of Games,” Yung Bleu questioned whether he can achieve his full potential as an independent artist.  

“I’m probably never gonna be respected as a artist but whoever been around me in the studio know ima genius when it come to music,” he continued. “The real secret is these major labels and machines try to bury me cuz I never took they contracts. So I never get looks, the opportunities to display my talent to the world. But I’m pushing out product for all they artist in private.” 

However, Bleu entertained the possibility of signing to a label, if only to prove a point. “Maybe I’ll sign to a major one day so my fans can finally see me blow up big as I should be. I’ll do it for y’all if I ever did it,” he shared.  Check out his tweets below.