Yung Bleu’s Wife Explodes Amid Cheating Allegations: “I Need The Best Divorce Lawyer In Georgia” 

Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu’s wife exploded on the rapper and claimed she kicked him out of their home after a woman claimed he flew her out. 

Yung Bleu is in hot water with his wife, who claims she kicked him out of their home amid claims he flew a woman out.

The cheating allegations came from a woman who claims Yung Bleu reached out to her after seeing a viral video of her showing off her extra-long tongue. She said the Alabama-bred rapper/singer flew her out, but she ditched him after discovering he was “a weirdo.”  

In a TikTok video, a woman with the username Tenom claims Yung Blue brought her with him on a private jet but never said a word to her during their flight. After landing, they got into a car with five other men. Tenom alleges Bleu maintained his silence and failed to introduce her to anybody in his entourage.  

According to the woman, she left when it became clear Yung Bleu flew her out just to hang with him like a “groupie.” As well as sharing her “story time,” Tenom dropped several receipts, including a video, allegedly of Bleu on the private jet with her.  


#storytime the type bleu slid in my Dm md wasted my f##### time idc if your a #celebrity idc who you ate if youra #weirdo ima treat you like one just letting yall know this #storytime is kinda #long but im worth it!!! #nevertfagain #pplareweird #wastedmytime

♬ original sound – Tenom

PART 2: time w/ Bleu like i said before these #celebrities are f###### #weird and bleu is the #weirdest man ive ever hung out with in my life… I appreciate the jet and the haor but baby no… now his numer stays on my #blocklist maybe time will heal and we can try again 😂😂😂😂😂 sike never ever again!!!!! worst encounter ever

♬ original sound – Tenom

Yung Bleu’s Wife Explodes

Shortly after sharing her story, Yung Bleu’s wife Tiemeria caught wind of the cheating allegations. In a video posted to her Instagram Story, she claimed she kicked the “You’re Mines Still” hitmaker out of their home and is seeking a divorce.  

Tiemeria exploded on Yung Bleu and said she believed the claims, insisting Tenom’s claims ring true. She claims she confronted her husband, who jumped out of bed and ran out of the house but continued to text her, denying the cheating accusations.  

“This b#### is not lying on you at all,” Tiemeria stated in her video. “She got so many muthafuckin’ receipts.” 

She then said she would not be chasing after her husband and will not allow him to return to their marital home.  

“I hope Boosie come get your muthafuckin’ ass. He ain’t got no car keys he ain’t got no house keys, he can’t get in this muthafucka,” she concluded. “So, he going to be outside tonight unless one of you b###### come get him.” 

In another post, Tiemeria added, “I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.”