Zumbi Homicide Case Not Closed Despite Reports

Zumbi Gaines of Zion I

The Mercury News claimed the investigation was over and no criminal charges would be filed, but Zumbi’s mother said nothing was finalized.

Authorities are still investigating the death of Zion I’s Zumbi.

Zumbi’s mother Carolyn Gaines addressed the status of her son’s case after The Mercury News published a story claiming the investigation was closed. The article said his death had been ruled a homicide but no criminal charges would be filed.

Gaines denied the case was closed in a statement to AllHipHop. Zumbi’s mother revealed she spoke with Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley about the matter on Wednesday (October 5).

“Nothing has been finalized on criminal charges related to my son’s death,” Gaines said. “I feel assured and confident that this case is not over and criminal charges remain likely. I am holding steadfast that the institutions responsible for my son’s death will be held accountable.”

Gaines’ lawyer Elizabeth Grossman also talked to the district attorney.

“We are not sure who is responsible for the misinformation in the article, but I spoke directly with Nancy O’Malley today and a final decision has not been made,” Grossman said.

According to The Mercury News, Zumbi died after being restrained by hospital staffers and handcuffed by police. His death was ruled a homicide by Chief Forensic Pathologist Dr. Vivian Snyder.

The late rapper’s family is seeking criminal charges for his death. A spokesperson for the district attorney told the Mercury News “no criminal charges were to be filed” in an article published on September 30.

Zumbi, whose real name was Stephen Gaines, passed away in August 2021. The Zion I member is survived by his three sons.