Ari Fletcher Puts Taina Williams’ Digits On Social Media

Ari Fletcher,

Is this a valid instance of frustration leading to over-sharing?

An exasperated Ari Fletcher has evidently had enough of the shenanigans. In fact, being unable to contact her young son, she decided to demand some attention by putting Taina Williams digits on social media. Only then was she seemingly able to establish contact.

Countless women have had to contemplate a partner’s infidelity. This situation is no different. If and when she decides to use social media to voice her frustration, the outcome often hits differently.

Please, don’t forget, her combined social media presence yields more than seven million followers. Time after time, many inquisitive eyes and opinions amplify many a messy situation. Therefore, when The Don reacts it makes a resounding impact.

While she may need to work on her delivery, the message is clear: don’t play games with this concerned mother and her child. Needless to say, when the determined businesswoman puts the game on two-player, people cry afoul.

Be that as it may, Ari Fletcher has taken the time to wholeheartedly address the situation. Within a thorough social media post, she summarized the entire ordeal.

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With those Twitter fingers typing away, she directly addressed her actions. “Let me say this too real quick cause y’all gotta let the ‘bitter babymama’ thing go. Respectfully, saying I wanna be with my baby daddy is like saying I’m broke b**** it’ll never ever happen.

Furthermore, she contends, “I treat herb like a brother. I have no desire to f*** with him outside of a coparenting relationship. Being a side b**** to your own baby daddy is the lowest most embarrassing thing you can be in the world. So cut that s*** OUT!”