Bobby Shmurda Talks Exorcising an Overactive Sex Addiction!

Bobby Shmurda does not hold back. He openly speaks on exorcising his sex addiction.

Apparently, the ladies love Bobby Shmurda. Likewise, the Brooklyn native has been showing them an insatiable amount of attention. Recently, he speaks with Hot 97, pertaining to the steamy details surrounding his indulgent sex life. Then, he goes on to address his overactive sex addiction. Finally, he shares what actions he uses to correct the issue.

Upon, his inception to fame, the passionate rapper had to sit down and serve a prison sentence. So, following his release the trendsetter became very friendly. The established entertainer broaches his overindulgent actions. “I was wildin’!” he declares.

Before that, he admits to the problem’s origin. The motivational MC shares, “When I came home — I ain’t gonna lie — I just stopped like a month ago. I was having like real sex addict problems.” The confession comes to highlight how the hip-thrusting lyricist liberally loved upon the ladies.

Accordingly, the reflective rhymer matter-of-factly adds, “I had to chill out, like last month I just stopped.” Next, Bobby further adds insight, “You can’t be playing with people’s feelings like that.” Moreover, he beings to break down his perspective on the allure of having sex.

In fact, he asserts, “Listen, [sex is] better than drugs, you know.” To amplify his assertion, Bob boasts, ” [It is] better than drugs and shooting people in the streets.” So, how does one rectify this issue?

Truly, self-restraint is the way. Bobby Shmurda then explains how he expresses moderation. “I bought a new phone, threw the old phone away,” says the “Shmoney” spitter. “You find yourself wylin’, like every other day you go, ‘Yo, what the f### am I doing, bro?’

To get to the juice, skip ahead to the 13 minute mark.