Crunchy Black Talks Soulja Boy After Young Dolph Critique: ‘F### Him!”

Crunchy Black hurls ruthless allegations
at Soulja Boy. This comes after Soulja Boy has words for Young Dolph.

Pain continues to soak countless faces. On November 17, the late King of Memphis‘ death rocked the genre. Although, Young Dolph has been buried, Hip-Hop continues to celebrate his enduring contributions. As a man, and as an MC, his actions have earned an unyielding respect. When Soulja boy reportedly dissed Dolph’s demise — Crunchy Black — was not having it. “F***, Soulja Boy; he ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothing!”

C.B. is the former hype-man, for the legendary Three 6 Mafia. In a video interview, he eloquently affirms his thoughts on Big Draco’s thoughtless statements. Black goes on to label Soulja Boy as “crazy.” He then alleges that Soulja Boy works his mouthpiece on men.

Crunchy Black’s caustic commentary continues. The “Sneaky Link” rapper is then purportedly praised for his innovative actions. ” “Soulja Boy saying some s**t but Soulja Boy, he crazy. He’s the first to do everything. I think he the first to suck a d**k before,” this according to C.B.

To put things in a better perspective, check out the below posted video. Soulja Boy drops callous comments about Young Dolph; press play.

Who, if anyone, is out of line?