Did Anthony Hopkins Try To Help Chadwick Boseman Win The Oscar?

Black Panther

RIP Chadwick Boseman! We got your back!

Was Chadwick Boseman robbed? The Black Panther, James Brown, Jackie Robinson, classic man actor was up for an Oscar last night. In fact it was the only opportunity the late, great actor would have to win an Oscar since he has not won one in his lifetime. So this was an opportunity for the Academy to bestow this man with that ultimate honor.

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And he did not win. In fact, the honor went to Anthony Hopkins, another great actor who apparently went to great lengths to pave the way for Chadwick. This is what the streets are saying. Anthony Hopkins did not go to the Oscars, did not do a video to for Oscars, did not do a zoom in to the Oscars and he just was out doing his thing. He was drinking, I think! The rumor is, he wanted to pave a way to remove himself out of contention so that Chadwick Boseman could win the Oscar.

I have not seen the movie that Anthony Hopkins was nominated for “The Father”, which I heard is really good, but this is a special year. And even though, the Oscars were very respectful to Black people throughout the night…they were just giving awards to everyone! Glenn Close even danced to EU’s Doing Da Butt. BUTT, we did not let the fact that Chadwick Boseman did not win slide. People are upset, p##### even, that he will no longer have an opportunity to win! Now, the Golden Globes did manage to give him what he deserved earlier this year, and that is a wonderful thing! Also we are not necessarily looking to them for any validation because that’s our king regardless. But it would’ve been nice!

The family is not mad at all, according to a report from TMZ. RIP, Chadwick!!!

What do you think?

Here is an amazing tribute to Chadwick.

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