Did Baby Blue Cooperate to a Avoid Hefty Prison Sentence?

From snitch to scapegoat?

On “S.N.I.T.C.H.,” Pusha T poignantly pens the phrase, “sorry n#### I’m tryin’ to come home...” Whether, that lyric aptly applies to Diamond Blue Smith is the burning question. Of course, the streets are murmuring. Did Baby Blue cooperate to avoid a hefty prison sentence?

In fact, the embattled entrepreneur vehemently denies all those scathing assertions. Moreover, through his Twitter page, he passionately pleads his case. Soon, he begs the question, “You think imma miss my chance on being a real n#### by telling?

Next, he proclaims his ability to easily eat his sentence. Then he boasts, “Gimme them 20 months, imma knock that s### out! Be home in no time!” Thus, it appears as though the self-assured entertainer has his ten toes firmly planted.

Furthermore, Blue Hefner readily illuminates what he claims is really going on. At length, the Pretty Ricky alumn delivers a host of sordid allegations. First, he offers, “Honestly, The informants in my case made me their SCAPEGOAT.”

Before including, “Made it seem like we was part of the scam but in reality, THEY SCAMMED ME & OTHER CELEBS They told lies on US for less time wrongly convicting victims,” he matter-of-factly urges. Finally, he admits, “Unfortunately, being ‘NAIVE” isn’t a defense in the court of law!”

Ultimately, Baby Blue is yearning to stay connected with his organic supporters. After, mentioning that “February 7th” is his surrender date. The confident creative then supplies his future mailing address.

Stay up, Baby Blue.