Did Lil Yachty Just Expose Funny Marco For Creating “Industry Plant” Podcaster?

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty knows something that we don’t!

Yes, we are talking about Bobbi Althoff, and yes Lil Yachty appears to have pressed Funny Marco about their relationship. In a surprising turn of events, Lil Boat has seemingly uncovered Marco as the prime suspect for nurturing the seeds that sprouted the “industry plant” podcaster Althoff and her budding career.

Not only that, Yachty seemingly accused Marco of being jealous of his alleged creation. However, neither of those tidbits are the major scoop of the clip. Apparently, Althoff just secured a major bag and has a bombshell interview on the way following her debacle with Drake.

Could this new interview be even bigger than her recent efforts with Drizzy, Marco and Yachty combined? I guess we’ll find out. Peep the full interview below.