Did Meek Mill Take A Shot At Kanye West?

Meek Mill is not playing on his version of DJ Khaled’s “God Did,” but did he take a shot at Kanye West?

Meek Mill is not done! The Philadelphia rapper has proven that no matter how much of a beating he can take. He has not finished.

Last night he released his own version of DJ Khaled God did, and he cooked it! I listen to this about three or four times in a row last night. At first I was thinking that he was not going to do anything different. Meeks turned up style came back in full force, and I thought it was the same old thing. But I was wrong! Check it out and then will get to the rumors. 

Towards the end of the song there is a moment where it appears that he is taking a shot at Kanye West.

“I will never sell my soul for money like I’m Kanye…”

Listen for it at about the 3-minute mark. Now, my first instinct was, “This is a shot.” Then, I said “No way does Meek take a shot at Kanye at this point in time.” Kanye appears to be down, but I don’t think he is. I think he’s up on the low. He’s tapping into dark forces now.

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Anyway, what do. you think? We know that Meek is Team Jay-Z and that he and Ye are not cool anymore. But, I think this is mostly about Kanye and Meek. Meek has had a lot to say about Ye in the past.

“I used to listen to ye every night and jail for motivation on god! And came home and watched him s### on my name and brand like nothing …. I ain’t say nothing … but I been knew you was on that nerd tryna s### on street n***as you just said it to boosie. It hurts my heart to even know some of y’all this crazy and lame … ion need no verses from no n***as because I been hot since 13 @justinlaboy don’t invite me to none of them weird ass parties wit bro.”

“What you be doing for fame driving you crazy… look how hard you came at me n***as know I’m vocal it’s like you hate your own people. You ain’t even post @vory album after all that work he did for you and he look up to you … you made sure you said Jack Harlow was the hottest in Kentucky overlooked est and vory.”

So NOW…what do you think?

By the way, anybody know how to get Flamerz 5? Its not on streaming service.