DMX’s Health Situation Has Nothing To Do With A Vaccination Shot


DMX’s ultimate fate is in his family’s hands.

What People Are Getting Wrong About DMX And Covid!

DMX is still in the hospital on life-support. Last night, a bunch of people decided they were going to put him in the grave prematurely. And the rumor had some big legs and ran all over the Internet. Finally it took Steve Rifkin, the Loud Records founder, to set the record straight, which is something we all had done anyway. But getting people to understand – that is another story. So for the time being, DMX is still physically alive. He remains in a vegetative state, essentially brain-dead.

BREAKING: Bad News After DMX Undergoes Brain Tests

As is always the case, there’s a lot of stuff that cannot be stated here, but there are a couple things that I can state. One, is there DMX did not go into a catatonic state because he took the COVID-19 vaccine. A lot of people have been spreading this meme, from a news source, which is not reliable. In fact, it is flat out wrong. I am not going to put that new source on blast nor will I give it any more attention. Let’s just say folks are upset about the inference, which is completely wrong. 

The other thing, is that people are saying DMX contracted COVID-19 after he was in a coma. Like the hospital gave it to him. That is not true either. But the reality is is he MOST LIKELY had it prior to going into the hospital according to sources. He apparently went into the hospital with it. We knew about this, but didn’t report on it.  But as previously stated, he has some issues with his heart and his lungs prior to going in the hospital. I think that the lack of oxygen was compounded by these pre-existing issues. If you looked at the Verzus battle with Snoop Dogg you noticed DMX did have difficulty breathing. And Snoop Dogg actually helped him out in some of the performances. So, this has been something that ongoing and not just a heart attack.

Here Are Some DMX Rumors, But Nothing Crazy…

It is not a mystery that this is a terrible decision because the family is facing and at some point in the very near future, DMX’s condition will change. I am not going to say any more than that, but I do think that is why he was not taken off life support last week. On the bright side, a lot of DMX’s kids now know each other and have become friendly. I think that’s a good thing!