Drake Faces Culture Vulture Accusations After Teasing Collab With U.K. Rapper Dave 

Drake Dave

A new Drake and Dave collaboration could be on the way, but the OVO boss just can’t seem to shed those colonizer accusations. 

Drake is catching heat online after sharing a photo of British rapper Dave, sparking speculation of another collaboration.

On Wednesday (June 26), the OVO honcho posted the “Sprinter” hitmaker on his Instagram Story. The image is from a set Dave shared from his vacation studio setup. In the photo, Dave is apparently making music at a desk in front of a river.  

While Drake shared the photo without a caption or context, some on social media interpreted it as a sign of a collab. However, those “colonizer” accusations from Drizzy’s recent battle with Kendrick Lamar refuse to go away. The photo was widely shared online, with many suggesting Drake is a “culture vulture” using Dave to get a hit. 

“Mans not ever beating them allegations,” one person wrote, as another added, “Culture vulture” 

“Drake gave him one feature and never linked him again like the Culture Vulture he is,” a third stated. “But now he’s running out of friends in the US, so he gotta find clout somewhere else.” 

Drake first collaborated with Dave in 2016 after asking to jump on the remix of “Wanna Know.” The song helped propel Dave to success, and they would join forces again when Drake became executive producer of the British drama Top Boy in 2019. 

“I just wanted to say to my brother Dave, I’m so proud of you man,’ Drake said at the Top Boy season 3 premiere. “I remember from jumping on your song to now, I’m just so proud of the growth for everybody.”  

Drake also heaped praise on Dave after bringing him out as a surprise guest at a 2022 show in Toronto. 

“This guy right here is a once-in-a-generation talent,” Drake told the crowd. “I promise you, this guy right here is a one of one.”