Gucci Mane Slams Wack 100: “I Ain’t Arguing On No Internet”

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has never had a problem speaking his mind.

Gucci Mane has never had an issue speaking his mind. In fact, on his recent release, “Bluffin'” featuring Lil Baby, he goes for the jugular and fires shots at Wack 100.

Hip-Hop often utilizes an ample amount of poetic license and hyperbole—which is fine. At times, these tools may work to emphasize the art. However, an artist like Gucci Mane challenges the status quo.

Be that as it may, his candid creativity is always appreciated. Most of the time, Big Guwop can stand on his words. Perhaps, that’s why he’s being rewarded with longevity.

Thus far, Trap God continues to amass an impressive cache of creativity. His upcoming release, Breath Of Fresh Air, is expected to land on October 13.

Gucci Mane promises his 15th studio album is “a classic.” A reflection of divine blessings and asphyxiating grief, the project aptly details his current perspective. One thing is certain, he’s ready for whatever.

“Bluffin'” finds Mr. Zone 6 at his best. He effortlessly transforms Wack 100 into a messy metaphor. “One n***a still think he got one up on me, but his day still comin’ (Wow)/I don’t make threats, no, I promise, I just drop bands like commas,” he raps. “Don’t even ask me ’bout dead folks, ’cause I ain’t got no comment (Yeah)/I want my M’s up to one, two, three, four, five one-hundred (Go)/Ain’t arguin’ on no internet, I’m not Wack 100 (No).”

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To Gucci Mane, the storied manager has fired off a personal response. Playfully, he taunts, “You dissed me huh. I heard dat s***. Wack100 Diss track response coming in 2 days. KNOCK OFF GUCCI. IM REALY THE MANE‼️ Sit down nay sayers we’re family Go stream dat s### NOW.”

Really, is this a thing?