Is Quando Rondo Cappin’ In His Angela Yee Interview About King Von Beef?

Lul Tim, Quando Rondo, Angela Yee

The world is listening? Is he capping and flapping or “telling” his side?

The situation with Quando Rondo was heating up. As you already know, Quando Rondo‘s boy Lul Tim got out of jail on bail recently, after being incarcerated for allegedly shooting and killing King bone. All of these guys are from Chicago, and they are well known in the streets. Unfortunately, they all ran into each other down in Atlanta. And that encounter resulted in the death of King Vaughn and the charge of murder being levied against Lul Tim. Well, Quando Rondo is now talking, in the streets or respond.

The whole situation is strange, because the streets whisper but this is another level. So here’s what folks are saying. First of all, Quando Rondo did a full blast interview, two parts and on the list with journalist and host Angela Yee. Now Angela Yee is a reputable person, and a celebrity. She’s also a good interviewer. With peoples lives on the line and such, what would make Quando Rondo jump out and start doing interviews. I think it’s similar to the reason why people do press before they go on a trail kind of like TI and tiny. They want to get the word out and start to skew perception of it. So we have Quando Rondo doing community service work with Big U out in California even though we know that he even most recently said he would urinate on somebody’s grave, which people think is King Von. But I digress!

Quando Rondo’s Crew Suggests They Were Defending Themselves During King Von Shooting

This new interview has Rondo talking very pensively about the situation with King Von. And, people are saying basically that he is trying to clear the air around the situation and absolve himself as well as Lul Tim of being complicit in the murder. What we know is these guys had beef, but Rhonda makes it sound like he didn’t know about it. When they met it was definitely smoke, and King Von put the pause on Rondo which allegedly prompted Lul Tim to pull out his burner and shoot the app. He didn’t hesitate he just blasted King Von to the other world. Most people feel like Rondo is lying and this is his attempt to “testify.” Some would call it snitching, because quite frankly, nobody involved in a murder case or crime would be talking so soon to the press. But, again, I digress!

King Von’s Alleged Killer Lul Timm Celebrates After Being Released From Jail

They are saying that he is simply lying and he knew that there was beef with King Von but they just didn’t think they would bump into each other, much less in Atlanta. But the street say he knew there was beef with King Von and NBA YoungBoy, and others. I guess we’ll see how this all plays out but check out the interview with Angela Yee and you be the judge.

Heads up his man said “understandment” several times.