Kelly Rowland The Savage Says Donald Trump Is A Liar!

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is going straight at Donald Trump’s turkey neck!

If you remember long enough ago, my special lady was Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland was my boo, in my mind that is. Well, Kelly is still the baddest chick that is not quite on top of the charts but still beautiful. She’s also extremely perceptive if you know what I mean!

As we look at the situation with Trump, we see that a myriad of thoughts and conspiracies are floating around the Internet. As Trump sits in the hospital, Kelly Rowland has released her thoughts on the president. She thinks he is lying, straight up!. Now Trump is known to be quite the liar, but would he be lying about something as serious as Covid, maybe. Kelly Rowland says “Yes!”

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The truth is, the president has lied so many times that it’s like Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. Here’s what she said on her social media that was captured by a number of people and media. Hell, even Frank Ocean popped up to say something!

Kelly’s new song is hotter than the president’s fever with Covid!!