Kodak Black Parties In Miami Strip Club After Posting $250K To Bond Out Of Jail

Kodak Black

Does someone have Trump on speed dial?

Kodak Black recently celebrated his freedom after a quick stint behind bars. He was seen partying in a Miami strip club. On Monday night (June 26), Yak was released from jail after posting a hefty $250,000 bond. Later that evening, he was seen partying in Southern Florida at an undisclosed Miami strip club.

As reported by 2Cool2Blog, the Florida-bred rapper appeared to be the main attraction. By all means, a steady stream of currency rained down on the floor, and an impromptu performance followed.

Understandably, Kodak couldn’t contain his joy as the Super Gremlin spits lyrics to his hit song “Skrilla.” He’s seen flashing his smile several times throughout the video, rivaling that of his sparkling jewelry. Not only did he make it rain, Kutthroat Bill also showed off a few dance moves. Surely, these impressive maneuvers demanded a lot of attention.

One thing’s for certain, Kodak Black seemingly learned about the importance of keeping bail money on deck. Staying ready, and not having to get ready is something deemed as an invaluable life-lesson.

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