Kodak Black Addresses “Stan” Who Wished “Jail” & Sobriety On Him

Kodak Black

Yak took the time to address a Stan’s concerns.

Listen, social media has created a false sense of anonymity. Often, folks forget that celebs can read and respond to unsolicited advice. That’s the case of Kodak Black, who recently ripped into a Stan after he wished “jail” and sobriety on the rapper.

Yak is (hopefully) maturing into the man he’s destined to become, even though the spotlight has boldly displayed most of his mistakes. Some of these missteps have made the public question his ability to handle the toll of being a celebrity.

Perhaps, that’s what motivated an unnamed fan to offer some stinging advice. Although it was harsh, it definitely resonated with the lyricist. While in the midst of a recent Instagram Live video, he responded to the critique.

“Damn, what kind of person are you?” he asked. “This muthaf##a said: ‘You need to go back to jail and sober up, Yak, for real, for real.’”

Without a doubt, the suggestion seemed to shake the artist. Emotion definitely rose to the surface. His eyes threatened to spill his pain.

Rather than lashing out with a litany of insults, Kodak Black chose to use his words. He stated, “Why do you feel like that’s the answer to my whatever you feel like? Why do you feel like that’s the answer to my whatchamacallit?”

Next, the entertainer dug a bit deeper. He went on to share how, in the past, his life’s calling has been both questioned and mocked. To that, the “Tunnel Vision” spitter elaborated, “S##t, many is called few is chosen, bro. When muthaf##kas know you chosen and s##t, that’s when they torment you.”

Soon, Black succinctly summed up his stance. “Bruh, I’m just following my divine self. However God whatchacallit, I’m just going through with this s##t.”

While Kodak Black may be far from perfect, he should be afforded some Grace. Is he following his calling?