R. Kelly – A New Dad Or Not?

R. Kelly

R. Kelly might be a proud papa again, if the rumors are right. His possible future baby moms promises the bun in her belly is Kelly’s.

R. Kelly could be a new father! We have been much to do about it his life and times recently. However, it appears that he may just have another baby on the way. Joycelyn savage is now saying that the rapper S##### is pregnant with her baby. She claims to be five months pregnant and is assuring the public that it is in fact his baby.

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How could that be, as you all know R. Kelly has been incarcerated for quite some time for a myriad of infractions related to the abuse of young girls and women. He is in the midst of going through another trial, which may secure his incarceration for the rest of his life.

I am not certain why anyone would want a baby with such an individual, but that is not for me to understand. Now, this is the same woman that charges she was peed on, beat up and forced to call R. Kelly master, among many other terrible things. So, what would make her want to have a baby with that beast of a man, as she has strongly stated.

Joycelyn Savage is basically stating that they decided to do in vitro fertilization in order for her to have a baby. Attorneys for R. Kelly are rejecting the assertion that she is pregnant by the singer. But she swears she is five months deep, even though the malign singer has been Behind bars for a year or so. She promises she was artificially inseminated and will even take a DNA test to prove that he is the father. She has also revealed that they will be having a baby girl in the event that she has, in fact, his baby. According to Entertainment Tonight, they are engaged to be married.

She recently did an interview and spilled her beans.

“Once his lawyer did find out, she wanted me to have an abortion because she didn’t feel that now was the time for me to have a child following the 30-year sentence. Me and Robert wanted to have a child for a long time. He is very happy about it, his lawyer isn’t. Once I told her I was keeping my baby, she didn’t want me to announce but I wanted to share the news. I’ve always been there for him even before this new lawyer came into the picture.” – Savage says

What do you think, eh?

By the way, there is a strong, but insane contingency of folks that are screaming “Free R. Kelly” on Twitter. See, this is the dark side of Black Twitter yall.

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