Rick Ross Ex-Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Checks Body Shaming Trolls For Him

Rick Ross

Rick Ross got his ex-girl fighting battles for him while y’all can’t get your partner to buy you a sandwich!

Rick Ross ex-girlfriend Cristina Mackey has caused a stir on social media after making a stand against body shaming trolls, who have been attacking both herself and Rozay.

In promotion of her 75-day Mackey Body challenge, which also doubles as her personal brand, the 28-year-old fitness influencer has been sharing Instagram reels with her following to keep them updated and engaged in her body transformation progress.

But it appears the day 11 update Mackey shared ruffled several feathers after she responded to the apparent backlash she was receiving from her male audience. To be more specific, Mackey addressed men complaining that her build is too muscular, seemingly describing them as insecure haters.

“I’ve been getting a little backlash from men [scoffs and laughs] who could never, and I’m not trying to be whatever, but I’m that,” Mackey said. “So I’m an athlete. You can’t make me feel some type of way because I have discipline, determination, and consistency because I get up and go to the gym every day. I don’t negotiate. You could never, so you telling me that my heart, body is too much for you? I know, babe. This is day 11. Wait until you see me. Day 75, you’re going to throw up as you should.”

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As expected, the comment section of the post almost immediately blew up as both Mackey’s supporters and critics dropped in to offer their two cents on the video. And though she responded to multiple comments on the post, both negative and positive, she took issue with one about her recent relationship with Ross.

“Fat $&$ @richforever was clapping them cheeks to tell any man they could neva is kind of laughable but keep grinding though,” the user commented on the post.

Though she and Ross are no longer an item, Mackey quickly replied in defense to the troll and shot down his claims that Rozay was obese.

“I can literally wrap my arms completely around Rick,” Mackey started off. “You have a version in your head of him from his past and that isn’t his current reality. ALSO it’s worth mentioning he is almost a billionaire Imao.”

Mackey proceeded to demolish the user by ending her mini-rant, writing, “Yall aren’t and will never be him.”

In March, Mackey revealed she and Ross had split just six months after making things official in an Instagram post.

“We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last,” Mackey said at the time. “I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast.”

The former couple’s newfound friendship has seemingly deteriorated since then, considering Mackey previewed a diss track aimed at Ross shortly after announcing their break up. Mackey also appeared to pick sides in Rozay’s beef with Drake in April, when she shared a workout video on Instagram soundtracked by Drake’s 2018 song “Energy.” But who knows, maybe Ross is still Mackey’s sneaky link since none of us will ever be him.

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