Romeo Miller Appears to Confirm Rihanna’s Alleged Pregnancy!

Rihanna and A$ap Rocky

Romeo Miller seemingly confirms Rihanna’s alleged pregnancy. Are congratulations in order for the Bajan business magnate?

Rihanna is everything. The hometown hero’s actions consistently become legendary. A diligent work-ethic is rewarding Rih-Rih with a ubiquitous presence. So, what’s next for the billionaire boss? Well, according to Romeo Miller, it is in fact, motherhood!

Today (Dec. 1), while serving as one of this hosts of The Mix, Rome, succinctly confirmed Rihanna’s alleged pregnancy. The Gen-Z, mixed genre talk show, which airs on Fox Soul, pours out all the tea. So, when the topic of the Caribbean Queen’s alleged pregnancy arose, Romeo couldn’t wait to add his insight.

The conversation commences with” “You know, it’s interesting — talking about Rihanna — I was reading something today. You can’t, you know, believe everything you read. But, people are saying that she’s pregnant right now. To which Romeo replies, “Believe it; congrats, Rih’.”

As a brand, and as a man, Romeo Miller can stand on his integrity. Keep in mind, that in addition, to being a host, he too, is a producer for the show. So, this in conjunction with a myriad of other “circumstantial evidence” is adding to the notion that the Princess of R&B may be pregnant.

Neither, Rihanna nor her partner, A$AP Rocky, have yet to confirm any of this conjecture. If, in-fact it’s true, a very warm congratulations goes out to the pair!

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