ScHoolboy Q Praises Lupe Fiasco’s New Album “Samurai”

Schoolboy Q

ScHoolboy loves him some Lupe Fiasco, like most all of us.

ScHoolboy Q is giving Lupe Fiasco his flowers while he can still smell them following a recent interaction with a fan on Twitter.

ScHoolboy Q recently took to Twitter to express his admiration for Lupe Fiasco’s new album, Samurai in response to a fan’s query on his opinion of the LP. In addition to highlighting what he loved about the record, ScHoolboy Q briefly detailed what he feels makes Lupe a superior MC, in a very literal way.

“Bro tone and pen is inspiring dawg. I love cHoppy raps & awkward sounds but Lupe got tHis super power wit words wHere He writes tHe perfect essay iono. Album dope,” ScHoolboy Q tweeted.

In a reply to ScHoolboy Q’s tweet, Lupe wrote, “tHanx for tHe love my g…” in a tweet stamped with golf emojis.

As if the TDE rapper’s high praises of the project weren’t enough, Lupe further raised the bar by revealing an astonishing factoid about the process of producing the complex and dense album in a follow-up tweet.

ScHoolboy Q and Lupe Fiasco have long shown mutual respect for each other’s craft, though their musical styles are notably different. While ScHoolboy Q’s gritty, street-wise bars capture the essence of L.A.’s gang culture, Lupe Fiasco is celebrated for his intellectual and socially conscious approach to hip-hop.

Their paths crossed in 2015 when they collaborated on the track “No Scratches,” which blended Q’s distinctive delivery with Lupe’s reflective and poetic verses. Beyond their musical collaborations, both artists have frequently interacted on social media, exchanging words of encouragement and praise, showcasing a genuine camaraderie and mutual admiration for each other’s work.

Lupe Fiasco’s discography is a testament to his evolution as an artist and his ability to push the boundaries of hip-hop. From his critically acclaimed debut album, Food & Liquor, which featured fan-favorite tracks such as “Kick, Push” and “Daydreamin’,” to his sharp, lyrical conceptual work Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe has consistently challenged norms within Hip-Hop and rap with his intricate storytelling and innovative production.

It’s no wonder ScHoolboy Q is as hype as he is about the project, considering he is one of the top rap albums curators of 2024, having already correctly called Vince Staples’ recent Dark Times LP as a hit weeks before its release.

Check out the tweet above along with the album stream below.