The Weeknd Is Apparently Worth Double What Eminem Is In 2023 Thanks To Spotify

The Weeknd

Y’all think The Weeknd will let me hold a couple of dollars?

The Weeknd is getting a much bigger bag than Eminem this year—and it’s all thanks to Spotify. Based on some newly-released, eyebrow-raising streaming revenue data, it appears The Weeknd has been burning down Marshall Mathers pack heavily. More specifically, The Weeknd’s recent greatest hits collection album, The Highlights, secured Spotify’s top earning spot in 2023 thus far. Based on the pay-per-stream (PPS) rate of $0.004, The Weeknd’s project has reportedly generated nearly $9.2 million and garnered well over 23 million streams this year alone. Sidebar—$0.004 PPS is crazy! Like crazier than Travis Scott playing an unreleased version of UTOPIA for Pharrell, only to add Drake to the album to diss him upon release, or thinking that Egypt would actually allow them to rage at the Pyramids.

On the other hand, both of Eminem’s compilation LPs—Curtain Call – The Hits and Curtain Call 2 combined—have only generated around 22 million cumulative streams, amounting to a gross total of nearly $8.6 million.

And even with those stats, Eminem isn’t even second on the Spotify streaming earnings list. In fact, the runner-up is none other than Ed Sheeran—how’s this for tragic irony? Bro literally performed a cover of your biggest hit (“Lose Yourself”) at his tour stop in your hometown and brought you onstage just to finesse you out of your fans.

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At this rate, just wait until the earnings drop for The Weeknd’s HBO Max show, The Idol. The alleged dumpster fire of a production, that’s supposedly littered with aggressively perv-y sexual content, apparently attracted millions of viewers in total.

Aside from The Weeknd’s domination, greatest hits compilations appear to be the breadwinners this year. Queen follows Eminem on the list with $4 million in earnings for their recent hits compilation LP. The “drivers license” girl, aka Olivia Rodrigo, follows with a $3 million bag her Sour album generated.

I guess a win is a win, in this case.