Wait, Jack Harlow Said What About Lil Nas X On The Latest Kanye West Leak?

Jack Harlow and Jack Harlow Wax Figure

Is Jack Harlow trying to tell us something, or is he just trolling per usual?

Jack Harlow is either really feeling himself right now or trolling all of us, including his “Industry Baby” collaborator, Lil Nas X. Throughout the past few weeks, multiple alleged leaks from Kanye West’s extensive vault have surfaced on the web in the form of unreleased music and visuals. Among the leaked material includes what is believed to be Kanye West’s Donda: With Child visual album and his Jesus Is King II collab project with Dr. Dre. Additionally, alternate versions of cuts from the Donda 2 album, including the Harlow-leaning track “Louie Bags,” also turned up online and began trending.

While Harlow floated a host of incredulous claims within his flows on the record, including hinting at his activity as a ghostwriter for major artists, his bars about his “Old Town Road” rap counterpart drew the most attention. “Don’t let y’all girls meet me ’cause they want me if I met ’em/ I bet Lil Nas X will f### me if I let him,” Harlow rapped on the leak.

Considering he was literally just named SESAC Songwriter of the Year for the third year in a row, it wouldn’t be very on-brand for him to cap about seducing Lil Nas X in the very next bar. And it’s not like Harlow hasn’t shown us all his zesty side before.

Off the top of my head, I can name at least two times when Harlow harmlessly, yet persistently, cosplayed as a creepy and semi-handsy flirt, emphasizing his faux gender-fluid tendencies—major pause. Take for instance the time he literally eyef###ed Druski on the sidelines of a game during The Crew League. Or the time Lil Nas X had to warn Harlow not to say anything “SUS” while they were on the red carpet together.

In the end, it seems pretty clear that Harlow is just having fun out here doing his thing and equally engaged in keeping folks interested in what he’s doing through both his music and other endeavors. For perspective, it’s wild that we are all talking about some bars Harlow spit, clearly with the sole intention of shock value even though footage from an alleged documentary from 2018 has also been leaked featuring Kanye accusing Cardi B of being apart of the Illuminati. It’s clearly Harlow’s world and we are just living in it.

Check out the clip below.

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