Why Did Mozzy Get Hit Up By Yo Gotti & Other C.M.G. Crew?

Working and working you know he deserve it!

Why did Mozzy get hit up by Yo Gotti and other C.M.G. artists? Well, the time has come; it is official. So now, he is definitely part of the infamous team. In fact, he was recently gifted a blinged out C.M.G. chain.

Thus far, Hip-Hop seems to champion the organic ascent of the Sacramento spitter. Of course, it is only natural that he continues to evolve. So, this relates to both his maturity as a man and the maturation of Rap career.

Back in February, Yo Gotti broke the news. Actually, he was chopping it up with journalist, Carl Lamarre. In other word he did not hesitate to drop the big news. Yes, the reflective MC was joining the Collective.

“After years of having big conversations, running into each other, and sharing ideas,” Gotti starts off. “We come here tonight, to let you know, that we’re proudly in partnership to bring our dawg Mozzy into CMG,” he shares.  


Without a doubt, the identifying accoutrements are to follow. It is only right that Mr. Tax Free dons his C.M.G. chain. By all means, it is a gleaming materialization of his hard work.

Along with, Yo Gotti, an array of the lyricist’s peers are present. For instance, Blac Youngsta can be heard saying, “Welcome to the f*cking team, man!”

Congrats go out to, Mozzy!