Why Today Is A Critical Day For DMX…!!!


DMX’s family will get some critical information today that will shape their decisions from here on.


DMX is apparently going to see his most critical moments today. According to rumor, in some reports, Earl Simmons will undergo a series of brain tests today that will determine exactly how much activity is going on in his head. I believe, per those reports, that that will be the deciding factor as to whether or not they will continue to try to save his life or pull the plug from life-support.

I spoke to a doctor, that is familiar with practices related to life-support, but not specifically this case and that person gave me some startling revelations. The main one was that people stay on life-support for a fairly short time, roughly 2 weeks before they stop. A number of things come in to play with that decision. One is money. It is expensive to keep someone in a hospital on life-support for such an extended period of time. DMX is successful and popular, but his finances are not in the best of shape. Another factor is healthy insurance and how somebody is covered. Clearly, I have no idea what sort of insurance X has, but I hope its good. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was on life-support for the longest time.

The other is simply hope, and the notion that they may actually wake up. Most people I know have maintain that they do not wanna exist in a vegetative state. But most people are not DMX. We still have a ton of hope!

With that, we continue to wait and see.

Here Are Some DMX Rumors, But Nothing Crazy…

The sources that I have don’t have any new news they are reporting, but I continue to see things in main stream media about DMX. It is not hopeful in their eyes. It is definitely funny seeing the news reports about DMX, many of which are not flattering. But these people have to get their search engine optimization on and continue to write something, even if it’s anything, about DMX.

But we continue to pray regardless!

This is not really cool but it is something that I will note. Rapper Sada Baby said, in so many words, that he wishes God would take Lil Nas X instead of DMX. First of all, God has not claimed X yet, even though some are quick to hop on social media. I guess it ain’t not funny, but it is worthy of saying that it always seems like the best rappers we love are “taken” from us and the ones that we don’t like hang around. Sada Baby clarified the statement saying he did not really wish death on Lil Nas X.

And it’s F those Satan Shoes for life!