Wiz Khalifa Is Going To Make Mixtapes Cool Again—So He Says

Could Khalifa Man have another “Kush & OJ” in store for us?

Wiz Khalifa believes that he himself can usher in a new age of mixtapes even though the current state of the Hip-Hop and rap music industry is singles-driven. After teasing new music and gauging his fans interest for a new mixtape on X earlier this week, Wiz Khalifa took to Instagram to announce his plans to “make mixtapes great again.”

It appears Wizzle Man’s plan is to cater directly to his dedicated fanbase of stoner music heads all while releasing a new tape of his own—which will capitalize on his creative artistry. The new mixtape and beginning to the next chapter of the saga of Wiz Khalifa,” he wrote in part in the post before adding, “In an industry where the mixtape has taken a back seat wiz is daring enough to bring his talents to the forefront delivering an instant stoner classic with many more promised to follow.”

It’s obvious Khalifa is credited with releasing one of the most impactful mixtapes of the 2010s era in the form of his beloved classic Kush & O.J. However, it’s hard to fathom how he could recreate the type of magic and impression that project had in the social media age we live in today. It was practically still MySpace era when bro popped off that tape, s##t is way different now. But if there is anyone that can pull it off, it’s him—that’s for sure.

Keep in mind, though, that Lil Wayne also just recently released a “mixtape” in the form of his new project Tha Fix Before Tha VI. Check out the cryptic post below.

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