Vanessa Simmons: Run It

In less than two years, Vanessa Simmons has gone from a catalog model to an official Girl Scouts role model. Her and her sister Angela’s idea of designing a sneaker progressed into Pastry, a multi-million dollar empire. When she was first introduced to the world in 2006 on MTV’s Run’s House she was simply pursuing… Read more »



Miskeen Originals: Body Art

  If you’ve seen Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” video, then you are familiar with the Miskeen Originals clothing line. Souljah Boy’s customized ‘Superman’ hoodie was hand-crafted by the artists in Miskeen’s state-of-the-art studio in Camden, New Jersey.   Miskeen was born in West-Philadelphia by an artist that put his pain and passion for hiscommunity on… Read more »



Request Jeans: Cater To You

Request Jeans was launched in 2001, and has since grown to be an acclaimed denim house. The team specializes in catering to any and everyone’s need for the perfect fit, wash and quality. We sat down with Layla Jebara (Brand Executive) and Pete Oakley (Director of Marketing and Public Relations) to discuss how they stay… Read more »



Hollywood Shuffle: Wesley’s Tax Troubles, Viv Denies Sex Vid

Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Shuffle, discussing all things movies, television, celebrity and just plain Hollywood. Sometimes reporting celebrity news is like beating a dead horse, but for some reason the dead horse keeps coming back for more! This week we’ve got more on Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, more on Wesley Snipes and… Read more »



Movie Review: Cloverfield

The last time we endured the streets of Manhattan being terrorized by humongous, otherworldly creatures (not counting the CGI configured characters in I Am Legend), it was when that Godzilla remake went on a rampage in 1998.   The giant lizard genre has mutated for the new millennium courtesy of bizarre movie man J.J. Abrams… Read more »



Movie Review: Mad Money

Have you ever concocted a get-rich-quick scheme with a friend, feeling unsure if you’d get away with it? Tossed up dollars bills with an unrelenting fear that only a white-collar crime could produce? Lied and cheated the system like your life depended on it, because in reality, it did?   Then you’ll enjoy Queen Latifah,… Read more »



The New Style: Ice Cold!

Winter is here ladies, but that doesn’t mean our fashion has to suffer. Here’s a breakdown of some of the hottest must-have items to keep you looking fly when you bundle up.   Let’s start with the most important item – the coat. The coat trends for this season include three-quarter lengths and crops, which… Read more »



Hollywood Shuffle: A Sequel For Will? Tyler Perry in Star Trek! Ice Cube’s A-Team?

Welcome to the Hollywood Shuffle, discussing all things movies, television, celebrity and just plain Hollywood. Each week we’ll bring you the latest news and gossip of what’s going down in Tinsel Town. Sequel to I Am Legend?For those of you who have seen Will Smith’s I Am Legend, you probably have the same reaction that I… Read more »



Sneak(er) Peek: Air Jordan XX3

That’s it. It’s over. It’s a wrap. Done deal. Finito. No Mas. With the release of the Air Jordan XX3, Nike and Brand Jordan are sealing the legacy of arguably, but not really, the most popular sneaker of all time. Yeah yeah, the ubiquitous Nike Air Force 1s, ahem—Uptowns, might get the award for omnipresence,… Read more »



Hollywood Shuffle: The Top 5’s of 2007

Welcome to the first official Hollywood Shuffle column discussing all things movies, television, celebrity and just plain Hollywood. To kick things off, we bring you an in-depth look at the year’s rising trend and popularity of Hip-Hop in Hollywood, followed by our “Short List” of the Top 5’s of 2007! Lists are in no particular order.1. The… Read more »



Movie Review: The Great Debaters

    In 1935, Wiley College, a small Black college in Marshall, Texas defeated defending national champions University of Southern California in a debate. In terms of Black History, this story ofAfrican-Americans breaking the color barrier in competitive debate is a small victory. Many civil rights milestones, which need not be named, have shadowed this… Read more »



NFL WEEK 17: Picks

Saturday Night Special:   12-29-07, 8:15 pm, CBS, NBC, NFL Network   Game of the Week, Pt. 1 New England Patriots (15-0) vs. NY Giants (10-5) Location: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ   *Spoiler Alert* Since all of the media outlets are making a big deal about tonight’s game, I decided to write a whole… Read more »



Bone Crusher: Battle Tested

    When one hears the term “war hero,” many historic names come to mind – from King Leonidas of the mighty 300 to “Stormin’ Norman” Swartzkopf to… Bone Crusher? That’s right, you read correctly, because this February, Bone Crusher’s fitness DVD Battle of the Bulge will invade a store near you.    The video… Read more »



SouthPole and Lot 29: Ahead Of The Class

    Despite changing times and trends, SouthPole has sustained their position as one of the best selling brands in the urban apparel industry against their luxury driven competitors. After a successful 10-year run, SouthPole launched Lot 29 in 2001 – the brand best known for flashy design prints with cartoon characters like Wile E. Coyote and Sylvester The… Read more »