Addicted to Fresh: Men’s Spring Fashion

[Photo: Reebok Legacy]In the past year, we’ve seen 16-year-old kids trying to bring back a colorful ‘80s decade that they weren’t even old enough to witness, but nonetheless, they’ve influenced the bright color boom seen in street fashion today.Last year, strident colorways were reintroduced on everything from kicks and tees to collectable toys and Kanye… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Hopkins Flops!

Hardcore boxing fans knew it was going to be ugly. The question was just how ugly. Despite suffering an early flash knockdown, Joe Calzaghe (45-0, 32 KOs) outworked a difficult Bernard Hopkins (48-5-1, 32 KOs) with a split decision to capture the linear light heavyweight title this past Saturday.                 About one minute into the… Read more »



Estelle In Concert: 4/17/08 Sugar Hill Nightclub, Atlanta, GA

Life does not get easier when you’re designated the next “it girl” in the music industry. Overnight, expectations catapult from just delivering a good album to redefining your genre’s musical landscape. Fall short artistically or sales wise and you’re now overrated; a fraud created in a smoke-filled A&R room to deceive the public. With that… Read more »



Knockout Nation: Cotto Crushin’/Margarito Mashin’/The Greatest of All Time!

Cotto and Margarito Deliver in Showcase Bouts   An uncharacteristically cocky Miguel Cotto (32-0, 26 KOs) brutalized overmatched Alfonso Gomez (18-4-2, 8 KOs) this past Saturday to retain his WBA welterweight title.   From the opening bell, Cotto showed he’s several classes above Gomez, ripping the brave Contender alum with thudding body hooks and jabs…. Read more »



Chilly-O: Ice Cold Fashion From ATL

  Fashion designer Chilly-O and his Chilly-O clothing line have dared to be different, to not conform and to move into the unoccupied lanes of fashion. Starting on a dream 14 years ago, Chilly-O has successfully managed to mix and match his artistic visions with activism, music, frustration and even extreme sports.   Chilly-O’s philosophy… Read more »



Tech Talk: Life In 3D

[Photo: Mitsubishi’s LaserTV]If you‘ve been thinking about getting a surround sound system but realize you really don’t have the space, the Zvox 425 ($700) may be the answer. It’s an all-in-one virtual surround speaker. Features: 5 speakersTwo powered sub woofersPowerful 133-watt amplifierAuto power offProprietary PhaseCue virtual surround sound systemAll in one slim cabinet (36.5”w x… Read more »



The Socialite: You Could Be My Boo (Nothing For You That I Won’t Do)

  How much would you sacrifice for the betterment of your relationship? How much is too much and what should be off limits? Have you already comitted beauicide (boo-aw-side)?   Beauicide is a word that I created to define what happens when personal goals are deferred or completely eliminated, whether by choice or influenced, for… Read more »



Screen Shot: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer: Rockstar NorthPublisher: Rockstar GamesRelease Date: 4/29/08Console: Xbox 360 (click to purchase) and PS3 (click to purchase)Special Editions also available for Xbox and PS3 with metal safe, Rockstar duffle bag, key chain and exclusive GTAIV art book Niko Bellic is on a mission. After coming to Liberty City from Eastern Europe, Niko learned a few… Read more »



Fitness Files: David Banner

  From the deep trenches of Mississippi, David Banner is known for fire-breathing, gladiator style rhyming that commands excitement. These days you’ll find David Banner definitely looking stronger too.   He now walks with brick for a chest, roadblocks for abs and an air of confidence comparable to a General.   For years now the… Read more »



Game Review: Lost Odyssey

Developer: Mistwalker and Feel PlusPlatform: Xbox 360 (click to purchase) Release date: 2/12/08 Grade: A   Honestly, the souls of most RPG’s are void. Many of us hearken back to the SNES era and think about how well the games, RPG’s in particular, simply felt.   You got attached to the characters; you loved learning… Read more »