Afroman Addresses “Patriotic” Photo Opp With Donald Trump

The “Because I Got High” rapper talked to AllHipHop about his recent run-in with the controversial business mogul-turned-politician.

Afroman‘s presidential ambitions have led him to shaking hands with controversial business mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump.

The “Because I Got High” rapper shared an Instagram photo of himself—dressed in an American flag suit—shaking hands with the former president on Saturday (May 25), leaving many of his supporters scratching their heads.

Speaking to AllHipHop, Afroman clarified, “I’m not supporting him. I just met him. And yes, my campaign is full effect.” He continued, “We were both at the Libertarian National Conference trying to get nominated and get their votes and we saw each other. We shook hands and talked about the Hunter Biden song and witch hunt raids. That was it.”

Afroman was clearly ready for people to have their polarizing opinions. In the caption, he mentioned the 2022 raid on his Ohio home that spawned the single “Will You Help Me Fix My Door?” and insisted the meeting was simply about marijuana reform.

‘Donald Trump likes my new song ‘Hunter Got High’ and my lemon poundcake album we laughed about us both getting raided we got a lot in common vote Fro 202fr4oe,” he wrote in the caption. “Legalize marijuana in all 50 states , decriminalizing marijuana federally plus Marijuana banking reform by Andy Barr. Ending police immunity, making them obey the laws they enforce. Vote for afroman.”

He added in the comments, “Being illiterate, not reading my caption correctly like a POS NOT REALIZING I’M STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT LIKE A POS Tap dance your ass up out of my comments e######### and f### off.”

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Afroman announced his intention to run for president in 2022 during a concert in Poplar Bluff, Missour. He told the sold-out audience he was serious about his aspirations. He later made announcement on social media, writing at the time, “I’m running for president of the United States of America vote for Joseph afroman, foreman recreational cannabis in all 50 states mandatory body cameras on all police officers or no paychecc.”

As Afroman noted, Trump was apparently impressed by his latest single, “Hunter Got High,” a jab at President Joe Biden son’s Hunter, who’s struggled with addiction issues over the years. The YouTube video has amassed more than two million views in the last month and evidently made it on Trump’s radar.

Watch it below.