Antonio Brown Defends Kanye West As NFL & NBA Stars Leave DONDA Sports 

While Kanye West has been dropped by many of his associates, Antonio Brown voiced his support for “the humanity that is Ye.”

Antonio Brown has affirmed his commitment to Kanye West and his sports marketing agency DONDA Sports, as companies, brands, and individuals are severing ties with the rapper in their droves over his antisemitic comments.  

The former NFL star, who joined DONDA Sports as president in February, issued a statement shortly after Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald announced they terminated their association with the agency.  

On Tuesday evening (Oct. 25), Antonio Brown took to social media to voice his support for Kanye West. 

“Over the past few weeks the world’s reactionary and selective outrage at comments in the media made by my brother, Ye, have inflamed and sparked rampant conversation and reflection. I too have been able to reflect on statements that I and others in my circle have made that lack clarity in expressing my stance. The people and brands that have relentlessly profited from Black ideas and Black culture chose to distance themselves at a very specific time: a time that demonstrated their prioritization of certain groups over others,” Antonio Brown said. 

“None of us in this world are free of judgment, yet we live in a time where scrutiny and pessimism have driven our dialogues on cultural issues toward diatribes. Sensationalism and groupthink have forced people to not speak their minds and act out in fear rather than love. For these reasons, I stand by my dedication to freedom of speech, thought, and opinion. I actively seek to coexist in places where I may have a difference of opinion because it’s diversity in thought that pushes humanity forward.” 

He concluded, “I remain in support of the humanity that is Ye.”  

Adidas Severs Ties With Kanye West

Meanwhile, earlier on Monday, Adidas announced it severed all ties with Kanye West. The company cited Ye’s “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous” recent comments and actions. According to Forbes, Ye’s net worth dropped to $400 million as a result of Adidas’ decision.

Additionally, Gap is removing all Yeezy Gap products from their stores, although the partnership with Ye ended in September. “Antisemitism, racism and hate in any form are inexcusable and not tolerated in accordance with our values,” Gap said in a statement.